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Investment Opportunity

Business development with finance expertise.

AVRO Group Inc. is launching a new project where we combine the strength of our team in implementing a new venture that deals with Real Estate, Finance/Debt consolidation, Currency Exchange/Money Transfer under separate divisions managed by their respective professionals.
Our specialized team professionals will be complemented by active, creative, energetic Digital marketing, advertising and content writing consultants.

Our Growth Strategy

Sustainability is a growth platform.

Our insights enabled us to develop a full range of marketing plans, creative packages and reliable consultancy services and advanced technologies. If you are looking to start and grow your business, send us a detailed message and we will help you define your strengths and capabilities. We believe that strategy development is a dynamic process. The formulation of strategy is created through analytical and creative approach that keep changing with time. In a fast-changing world, we need to ensure our clients can access their business information anytime and anywhere. For B2B and B2C businesses, we want our clients to be confident with their brand by building awareness and positioning strategies to help them develop a better service to the end consumer.


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Pilot project launching soon for the following markets:

    • Real Estate
    • Finance
    • Debt Consolidation
    • Currency Exchange